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So, Grad photos today, and then its off to mom's for the weekend.
I have to sit around school for TWO hours because I have a spare
and then comm. civ. but I cant skip it cause Mr. Rodgers asked where
I was yesterday, (sick). So to be on the safe side, I'll go to class.

And since Chris is skipping it, I have nothing to do for two hours after except
for Grad photos in 30min.

Van Halen this saturday,
leaving tonight.
Going to Vancouver tomorrow, going to see Team America: World Police friday night.
Gonna be an action-packed weekend.

Bah Im bored.
Id walk to Subway, but where is the fun in that. Walking by myself, sitting and eating by myself and leaving.

This sucks, I'd skip, but dont want to fall too behind in that class, even though it is just notes.

Ill go, but need to kill an hour and a half once grad photos are taken.

We filmed more of our law video today, we have 3 out of 17 scenes done, we're practicly finished (ha)

I need something to do.

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Have fun at the consert man!!

Van Halen???

Van Halen are ok...but they are dated......only one person was worth watching ...the ultimate cool guy.....king of the bad asses.....most electrifying performer the world has ever seen.....ELVIS

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