Ryan's Journal..Woo, its 1985 in here again

I live in a giant bucket.

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So birthday has come and gone, got nice load of cash, Simpsons season 4 on DVD and RED bed sheets from my mom. They kick ass, Ive never had non-handmedown bed sheets.

Got my N on monday, first time, as soon as I could and with no lessions!!!

Last night was our optional staff Christmas party @ Boston Pizza, about 20 people showed up last night, and it was great. Two cahiers got pissed drunk, one was the nicest cashier you'll ever come across, and the other, wont take no sass from no one. It was hilarious. Becki, Tayna, Becki's sis Rachel and company were also there for a birthday, so I drifted from table to table half the night. Becki's table was all pretty drunk, it was funny. I stayed till about midnight, filled up dads car with gas, went home, went to sleep


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