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I live in a giant bucket.

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ive grown tired of LiveJournal, i now use my blogspot, i still use this, but for journal posts, its http://ryanschaap.blogspot.com

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"Oh yeah and I can't forget the U2 performance when Bono worked the audience charm during the song "Bad". During "Sunday Bloody Sunday" I cried when Bono screamed at the audience singing "No More". Sometimes I question if Bono and the rest of the U2 guys still have the same passion as they did in the 80's or if their just being political 'cause it is the fashionable thing to do."

-from isabelle_guns LJ.

Really, that was Bono trying to find a dance partner and abondoning the band to play the same riff over and over again for 11 minutes. Bono was very selfish that night as he spent the whole time looking for the right girl to dacnce with. And because of him going around looking for the right girl, U2 was booted off the stage because their time was up and only got to play Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bad, and not the other intended songs. This inncident caused the rest of U2 to become SUPER pissed back stage and get in a fight, which almost broke up the group. Bono was gonna walk out on the band, but while clearing his head with a drive through the country, Bono picked up a hitch hiker who convinced him to keep the band going. And when Bono returned, they began work on 1987's Joshua Tree.

Woo, Im a freaking U2 Super fan!

I learned everything about U2 from the ongoing history of New Music

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Chirstmas was good,
Christmas was heaven
here are some Christmas items,
that I was given:

New Canucks vintage jersey (white)
new canucks bomber/baseball jacket
Nirvana Box Set
Frampton Comes Alive!
Marshall Mini amp like Jack Black in School of Rock
Nice new Simpsons season 3 dvd
Reno 911! Season 1 DVD
Big ass Velvet Revolver Poster from Virgin.
some cool uncle johns bathroom reader books
Raw vs. Smackdown for ps2
Best of Will Ferrel SNL DVD
This is Spinal Tap DVD

$100 in A&B Sound GC's which I used today.
I had to drop my sis off at work @ 8, so after that I drove down to A&B Sound and bought 8 CD's, which are:

Nirvana: MTV Unplugged
Nirvana: Live from the muddy banks of the wishka
Franz Ferdinand
Van Halen 1
Van Halen 2
U2- The unforgettable Fire
U2- The Joshua Tree
U2- How to Desmantal.....

I've become a bigger U2 fan since listening to the 4 part bio of them on the ongoing history of new music on CFOX, last month.... Great band, horribly overrated at times, but still GREAT.

So birthday has come and gone, got nice load of cash, Simpsons season 4 on DVD and RED bed sheets from my mom. They kick ass, Ive never had non-handmedown bed sheets.

Got my N on monday, first time, as soon as I could and with no lessions!!!

Last night was our optional staff Christmas party @ Boston Pizza, about 20 people showed up last night, and it was great. Two cahiers got pissed drunk, one was the nicest cashier you'll ever come across, and the other, wont take no sass from no one. It was hilarious. Becki, Tayna, Becki's sis Rachel and company were also there for a birthday, so I drifted from table to table half the night. Becki's table was all pretty drunk, it was funny. I stayed till about midnight, filled up dads car with gas, went home, went to sleep

So, my birthday is on wednesday, man things have changed since you were a kid. Back then it was the most anticipated event next to christmas, these years, especiallly this one, its gonna consist of me coming home, sitting around, then going to earl's for dinner. and thats it. Oh, and get many envelopes filled with cash money, which is good for the saving of an automobile.

So I bought my PS2 Last Week, and man is it good. I've been playing soo much GTA: San Andreas, Im soo freaking far in that game. NHL 2005 is also awesome, which I've done more than half a season.

@ School, we're editing our law video right now and it's gonna be pretty good.
I came up with the idea to bring my PS2 to school today and add in scenes of cop cars driving around in it, into the film.

I worked Friday, Saturday and Today all 2 or 3:30-10:30. It was okay, nothing new really. Getting really sick and tired of Eric, the stupidest man that works there. You can tell how stupid a man is by where he works and for how long; Eric has worked @ Extra Foods locations for 34 years!

We might be recording our french version of Space Truckin' Loan-Shark and other songs this friday, but nothing is offical

and why are we recording a french song!???!!? We're doing a french music video, chris and I are, so we decided to do one with the group, shall be great.

And thats whats new.
Get the hell outta here

So since the gig, Ive worked aboot 30 hours a week @ the old Extra Foods.
Now, Im back to 20, which is a relief.

We're having a practice next saturday to get down 5 new songs. Thats right, we cant leave untill we have five songs down pat.

Mom's birthday is today, so we are going to New West for dinner @ the Old Spagetti Factory, it shall be grand.

Other than that, Ive just been working and schoolin' so much, Ive had time to do very little.

On Thursday, aka PAYDAY, and a huge payday too, Im going to Wal-mart on my spare and buying a PS2 and Grand Theift Auto: San Andreas. I am in love with this game and cant wait to get it.

Birthday in: 18 days!
The PS2 will be my birthday present, so all the Birthday money I get will go in the bank.

well Im off

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Hotel Description #3

L'hôtel que j'ai choisi était le Hôôtel Méétropole Monte-Carlo. C'est un hôtel de luxe de quatre étoiles très bel situé dans le Monaco juste 15 milles de l'aéroport de Nice. La salle est étonnante. Elle a une grande vue de l'eau et est très grande. La salle est très chère mais en valeur elle. Dans ma chambre, j'ai un lit, une salle vivante, deux salles de bains, deux télévisions, un mini réfrigérateur et un balcon. Tout le prix de la salle d'hôtel pendant quatre jours est $5420.62. Quand vous partez de l'hôtel, vous ne devriez voler rien de la salle.

Paragraph #8

En voyage, vous commencez votre vol à l'aéroport international de Vancouver le 2004 8 décembre et volez à Toronto avant de voler en France. Par l'aéroport de Paris Charles de Gaulie, vous louez une voiture et conduisez à Monte Carlo, au Monaco. Là vous restez au bel hôtel grand de Monte Carlo. Vous visitez le théatre de l'$opéra de Monte Carlo, le casino grand de Monte Carlo, dans votre hôtel et vous visitez le musée océanographique et l'aquarium. Vous passez également la majeure partie du temps dans et autour de votre hôtel parce qu'il est si luxueux. En outre, vous dinez au restaurant commémoratif blanc de Jack qui est très près de votre hôtel. Vous mangez là beaucoup en raison de la façon dont grand la nourriture et le service est. Le 13 décembre, vous partez de votre hôtel et conduisez à l'aéroport, et prenez votre vol de Paris vers Toronto vers Vancouver

Paragraph # 4

Au restaurant commémoratif de Jack White, ils servent les favoris locaux aussi bien que les plats populaires autour du monde. Voici leur plat local plus populaire : Vin Barbagiuan un apéritif qui est riz, les épinards, le poireau et le fromage. Les poissons de morue de Sautééed ont servi dans une croûte des herbes fraîches avec un chutney de tomate et de chicorée frisée e/scarole en tant que votre plat principal. Et pour le désert, prince albert de millefeuille En raison de la qualité de ce restaurant, ce repas coûtera $959.00


Théatre De l'opéra De Monte Carlo
Au Monaco, vous observerez un jeu ou un opéra au beau théatre de l'$opéra de Monte Carlo. Il a été construit en 1879 et court toujours aujourd'hui. Vous pouvez prendre une excursion du bâtiment ou observer le "loyer" jouer le 7 décembre par le 21ème. Les billets pour des événements peuvent coûter de $75 à $200. C'est un endroit très chic à être présent, ainsi vous devrez emballer un bonne costume et cravate, et l'habillement formel pour des femmes aussi bien.

Le Casino De Monte Carlo

Le casino de Monte Carlo est hôtel très étroit de toyour, ainsi vous ne devez pas aller chercher loin le divertissement que le casino a également une atmosphère formelle, ainsi les hommes doivent porter des costumes et les cravates à entrer et les femmes ont besoin d'habillement formel aussi bien. Le casino a été construit en 1878. Ici, vous pouvez jouer n'importe quel jeu que vous voulez. Comme le cric, le tisonnier, le Roulette et beaucoup plus noirs. Le bâtiment est très beau avec beaucoup de sculptures et beaucoup de fontaines autour du casino.

Le Musée Océanographique Et Aquarium

En outre près de l'hôtel, le musée est un excellent endroit à visiter tandis qu'au Monaco. Il a deux planchers de l'excellent musée. Ici, vous pouvez regarder et découvrir beaucoup de nouveaux poissons et mammifères dans l'eau près du Monaco. Dans le sous-sol du musée est leur aquarium de classe du monde comportant beaucoup de genres de poissons de partout dans le monde. Ouvrez le journal, c'est une manière peu coûteuse d'avoir un temps d'amusement.

So, show last night @ Classic Rhythms, went pretty good.
Space Truckin' Loan-Shark
Jimmy The Exploder
Rock and Roll Revelation
For The Love of Ivy
Friesen Love
Ben Swank Appreciation Day.

After the show, Skira, Michelle and I (all extra foods employees) hung out for the rest of night. We went to Dairy Queen and ate some kick ass blizzards, then drove around for a while. We then went to Michelles apartment, to use the facilities and pick up her other friend. From their we went to someones apartment me and Skira had no clue who they were, so we just sat there for a while, infact, the people who owned the apartment left us there, so we just sat on camping chairs since they were moving.

From there, as we left, Skira made a left hand turn through a just turned red light, and wait at the intersection, a cop, so right away he got pulled over. Luckily, Skira has no tickets, so it was just a warning.

Later, They went to Cheers and though they could bring me in cause it was a Sports bar (family section/bar section). well the family section was closed, so Skira brought me home.

When we arrived, Skira sat and looked at the cats, the he left

What a night.


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w/ Oppose The Hero and the Desciples
CLASSIC RHYTHMS, Beside Replay Board Shop
8pm (get there on freaking time)

America...FUCK YEAH
So rock out this saturday, and possibly hopefully a gig @ Classic Rhythms on Saturday night.

Worked all this week except today, stayed home.
I finished my Comm. Civ. Project on the election today, its pretty cool.

Other than that, Im pretty bored.

oh, and I cant stop listening to the "america, fuck yeah" song from Team America....man was that a good movie.

Oh, and of course, the Van Halen concert kicked soo much freaking ass:

round about
Humans Beings
Bass Solo
Drum Solo
Aint talking bout love
Sammy Hagar: Where the eagles fly
Sammy Hagar: I can't drive 55
Dance The night away
The Best of both worlds
Right now
You really got me
When its love.

I think thats it, my ass was too rocked off to remember the middle of the set.
But all in all, good show.

Went to Vancouver on the weekend, got me a guns N roses shirt, two guns with roses wrapped around them, says Guns N Roses in red at the top, a Frampton comes alive shirt, and a White Stripes shirt that is too small,so I gave it to my sis..



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