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America...FUCK YEAH
So rock out this saturday, and possibly hopefully a gig @ Classic Rhythms on Saturday night.

Worked all this week except today, stayed home.
I finished my Comm. Civ. Project on the election today, its pretty cool.

Other than that, Im pretty bored.

oh, and I cant stop listening to the "america, fuck yeah" song from Team America....man was that a good movie.

Oh, and of course, the Van Halen concert kicked soo much freaking ass:

round about
Humans Beings
Bass Solo
Drum Solo
Aint talking bout love
Sammy Hagar: Where the eagles fly
Sammy Hagar: I can't drive 55
Dance The night away
The Best of both worlds
Right now
You really got me
When its love.

I think thats it, my ass was too rocked off to remember the middle of the set.
But all in all, good show.

Went to Vancouver on the weekend, got me a guns N roses shirt, two guns with roses wrapped around them, says Guns N Roses in red at the top, a Frampton comes alive shirt, and a White Stripes shirt that is too small,so I gave it to my sis..


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Uuuuhhhhh! Damn! You are so lucky!! XD

Fight you on monday, punk.

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