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So, show last night @ Classic Rhythms, went pretty good.
Space Truckin' Loan-Shark
Jimmy The Exploder
Rock and Roll Revelation
For The Love of Ivy
Friesen Love
Ben Swank Appreciation Day.

After the show, Skira, Michelle and I (all extra foods employees) hung out for the rest of night. We went to Dairy Queen and ate some kick ass blizzards, then drove around for a while. We then went to Michelles apartment, to use the facilities and pick up her other friend. From their we went to someones apartment me and Skira had no clue who they were, so we just sat there for a while, infact, the people who owned the apartment left us there, so we just sat on camping chairs since they were moving.

From there, as we left, Skira made a left hand turn through a just turned red light, and wait at the intersection, a cop, so right away he got pulled over. Luckily, Skira has no tickets, so it was just a warning.

Later, They went to Cheers and though they could bring me in cause it was a Sports bar (family section/bar section). well the family section was closed, so Skira brought me home.

When we arrived, Skira sat and looked at the cats, the he left

What a night.



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