Ryan's Journal..Woo, its 1985 in here again

I live in a giant bucket.

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So since the gig, Ive worked aboot 30 hours a week @ the old Extra Foods.
Now, Im back to 20, which is a relief.

We're having a practice next saturday to get down 5 new songs. Thats right, we cant leave untill we have five songs down pat.

Mom's birthday is today, so we are going to New West for dinner @ the Old Spagetti Factory, it shall be grand.

Other than that, Ive just been working and schoolin' so much, Ive had time to do very little.

On Thursday, aka PAYDAY, and a huge payday too, Im going to Wal-mart on my spare and buying a PS2 and Grand Theift Auto: San Andreas. I am in love with this game and cant wait to get it.

Birthday in: 18 days!
The PS2 will be my birthday present, so all the Birthday money I get will go in the bank.

well Im off


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