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So, my birthday is on wednesday, man things have changed since you were a kid. Back then it was the most anticipated event next to christmas, these years, especiallly this one, its gonna consist of me coming home, sitting around, then going to earl's for dinner. and thats it. Oh, and get many envelopes filled with cash money, which is good for the saving of an automobile.

So I bought my PS2 Last Week, and man is it good. I've been playing soo much GTA: San Andreas, Im soo freaking far in that game. NHL 2005 is also awesome, which I've done more than half a season.

@ School, we're editing our law video right now and it's gonna be pretty good.
I came up with the idea to bring my PS2 to school today and add in scenes of cop cars driving around in it, into the film.

I worked Friday, Saturday and Today all 2 or 3:30-10:30. It was okay, nothing new really. Getting really sick and tired of Eric, the stupidest man that works there. You can tell how stupid a man is by where he works and for how long; Eric has worked @ Extra Foods locations for 34 years!

We might be recording our french version of Space Truckin' Loan-Shark and other songs this friday, but nothing is offical

and why are we recording a french song!???!!? We're doing a french music video, chris and I are, so we decided to do one with the group, shall be great.

And thats whats new.
Get the hell outta here

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today is wednesday so happy birthday ryan!!!
san andreas is so rad, my little brother got me hooked on gta a while back and now i can't stop playing it. it's addicting and horrible all at once.

Thank you very much for the happy birthday Becki!

And, god you sit down to play San Andreas for half an hour and before you know it, hours and hours have passed, its so weird

yeah, it's so like that!
sundays are usually my homework night, but my bro had andreas with him and i ended playing till 1230 and didn't finish my stupidcrap load of homework. it's ridiculous but oh so fun!!

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