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Chirstmas was good,
Christmas was heaven
here are some Christmas items,
that I was given:

New Canucks vintage jersey (white)
new canucks bomber/baseball jacket
Nirvana Box Set
Frampton Comes Alive!
Marshall Mini amp like Jack Black in School of Rock
Nice new Simpsons season 3 dvd
Reno 911! Season 1 DVD
Big ass Velvet Revolver Poster from Virgin.
some cool uncle johns bathroom reader books
Raw vs. Smackdown for ps2
Best of Will Ferrel SNL DVD
This is Spinal Tap DVD

$100 in A&B Sound GC's which I used today.
I had to drop my sis off at work @ 8, so after that I drove down to A&B Sound and bought 8 CD's, which are:

Nirvana: MTV Unplugged
Nirvana: Live from the muddy banks of the wishka
Franz Ferdinand
Van Halen 1
Van Halen 2
U2- The unforgettable Fire
U2- The Joshua Tree
U2- How to Desmantal.....

I've become a bigger U2 fan since listening to the 4 part bio of them on the ongoing history of new music on CFOX, last month.... Great band, horribly overrated at times, but still GREAT.


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