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"Oh yeah and I can't forget the U2 performance when Bono worked the audience charm during the song "Bad". During "Sunday Bloody Sunday" I cried when Bono screamed at the audience singing "No More". Sometimes I question if Bono and the rest of the U2 guys still have the same passion as they did in the 80's or if their just being political 'cause it is the fashionable thing to do."

-from isabelle_guns LJ.

Really, that was Bono trying to find a dance partner and abondoning the band to play the same riff over and over again for 11 minutes. Bono was very selfish that night as he spent the whole time looking for the right girl to dacnce with. And because of him going around looking for the right girl, U2 was booted off the stage because their time was up and only got to play Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bad, and not the other intended songs. This inncident caused the rest of U2 to become SUPER pissed back stage and get in a fight, which almost broke up the group. Bono was gonna walk out on the band, but while clearing his head with a drive through the country, Bono picked up a hitch hiker who convinced him to keep the band going. And when Bono returned, they began work on 1987's Joshua Tree.

Woo, Im a freaking U2 Super fan!

I learned everything about U2 from the ongoing history of New Music

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shit you learn something new everyday, I didn't know that.

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