Ryan's Journal..Woo, its 1985 in here again

I live in a giant bucket.

So, Grad photos today, and then its off to mom's for the weekend.
I have to sit around school for TWO hours because I have a spare
and then comm. civ. but I cant skip it cause Mr. Rodgers asked where
I was yesterday, (sick). So to be on the safe side, I'll go to class.

And since Chris is skipping it, I have nothing to do for two hours after except
for Grad photos in 30min.

Van Halen this saturday,
leaving tonight.
Going to Vancouver tomorrow, going to see Team America: World Police friday night.
Gonna be an action-packed weekend.

Bah Im bored.
Id walk to Subway, but where is the fun in that. Walking by myself, sitting and eating by myself and leaving.

This sucks, I'd skip, but dont want to fall too behind in that class, even though it is just notes.

Ill go, but need to kill an hour and a half once grad photos are taken.

We filmed more of our law video today, we have 3 out of 17 scenes done, we're practicly finished (ha)

I need something to do.

Recorded today, six songs, all will be on NMC,

Chris rented tons of stuff for recording, which was awesome
-mixing board
-6 mics
-stands, chords ect.

Recordings are all great.

Grandparents 50th aniversary was tonight, went to dinner @ ilios, long but fun.

Going to Vancouver for touristy crap with the dutch relatives tomorrow too.

VAN HALEN....6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

So I work today 3:30-10:30,
then tomorrow we begin recording some tracks,
Ill hope to have two or three recorded for New Music Canada tomorrow.
Then we have to go out to dinner for mes grand-parents 50th aniversary @ Ilios, amanda forgot to book it off.....elle est stupide.

Other than that, nothing else is really new, its grade 12, its easy,
Looking forward to french today, FRENCH SCRABBLE!

Van Halen in 8 days, its gonna rock so freaking hard

I bought the entire 93-94 Canucks medalions off ebay and am sending it out today. Only $20!

gonna buy Glorious Janitors 2 from Sean today as well,


I got it today,
I hate UPS So much,
they still charged me like $30 even though it was marked as a gift.
Im having lots of fun,
came up with a bitchin Space Truckin' Loan-Shark remix

Im gonna record Frieson tomorrow too.

So My 4-track should come during next week, which kicks major ass.
Other than that, work and school, and rock inbetween.

Im some what sick right now.

Van Halen in 22 days!


So Im buying a 4-track recorder off ebay in aboot 2 hours.
it will kick some major ass and since I will have a 4 track,
I can create a fancy studio in the clubhouse and give it a bitching name.

Other news:
new Drummer Adrian is doing good.

Work mon and tuesday this week.
Thats about it

aww yeah

I felt like scanning my ticket for Van Halen, even though have had it for 13 days.
Danny has quit the group, but is reconsidering joining.
So Adrian is our temp drummer.
We will be recording our live album soon, so watch out for that.

Other than that, Im bored

(no subject)
After tommorows rock out, and if we accomplish what I want tomorrow (3 new originals, which would allow us to do a cover...orginal song: cover song ratio has to be even), I am going to inquire to bary about recording live @ City Limits for $20.

Then we can have a demo, and sell a live EP for like $5 @ Shows and on the website.

It will be a great idea.

(no subject)
Alright we will not be playing @ Classic Rhythms tonight, if you were planning on coming to see us, I applogize

Sheldon cant go because of prior engagments and Danny is stuck in Agaszi till like 8pm

so hopefully there will be more shows

Dun dun Da Dun!
Well well well, what is this:

@ Classic Rhythms (beside Replay Board Shop)
8pm Free Admission.

Come check it out and bring 10 of your friends.


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